Hailing from New York City is Agent Orange. With many years up his sleeve, Agent Orange is known for his supreme tech-house grooves, which had landed him gigs all over the world, from multiple residencies in New York, to festivals in Ibiza, Miami, and many more. Agent Orange delivers such precise and organic house grooves, which has been released through top labels like Nervous, 1605, Duplex, and Terminal M.

Now Agent Orange and Skymate release their latest, ‘Just Cool Out’ EP through Definitive Recordings. They both join forces and bring forth an overall heavy bass and tech-house vibe, while still embracing the old school elements of house music. ‘Just Cool Out’ EP showcases an addictive, tech-house beat that I simply just can’t get enough of. Grab your own copy of Agent Orange & Skymate‘Just Cool Out’ EP here: Beatport