Moguai has made considerable success this year with the track “ACIIID”, reaching the number one spot on the Beatport Top 100 last month. Now he has a new song called “The Future” which came out on his own record label. The question remains whether Moguai can do it again with his latest creation.

This release on Punx Records will be the first for 2014 and the third one from Moguai since the rebirth of the label since last year. With “The Future”, the German producer revitalizes the iconic sound from songs like “Mpire”, “Dynamo”, and many other songs from his debut albumĀ Mpire. Although the song drops a great quote from the movie character Cyrus of The Warriors, the quality of it in the song is not implemented well before the drop. It’s dirty and very low quality (but what more can you expect from a movie from 1979). Beyond that, this track is another unique and incredible piece of crunchy bass lines, euphoric melodic builds and masterful electro house.

The new song from Moguai is now out on the Beatport for purchase and is available for stream as well.