Tiësto has officially debuted A Town Called Paradise, and fans have gotten a chance to sink their teeth in.  As a special treat, he took to SoundCloud to talk personally about the album’s inspirations.  The result is a 9-minute clip in which he reflects on each track, and the artists who helped make it a reality.

“Red Lights” and “Footprints” were personal for Tiësto, inspired by his time spent in Sweden and his world travels, respectively.  The title track of the album is an ode to Electric Daisy Carnival, but is also meant to remind listeners of their own paradise.  “Last Train,” co-written by Firebeatz, tells a story of reflection after a long night of partying, while Tiësto’s ever popular “Wasted” is about the booze-fueled romance of two friends.

Tiësto pulled inspiration from other genres as well, ranging from aggressive indy (“The Feeling”) to 80’s pop (“Rocky”).  Other tracks were pulled from the past.  “Shimmer” was originally a song written by Christian Burns that was given new music and updated lyrics.  “Set Yourself Free,” his collaboration with Krewella, is an evolved take on his old instrumental track “Pair of Dice.”  Included on the deluxe edition is “Take Me,” an older song that has been in his live rotation for some time.

Listen to the clip below for details on the rest of the album, and don’t forget that A Town Called Paradise is now available for purchase on iTunes!