Often regarded as a hidden, veteran-class technician within the Progressive genre, the legendary talents of G-Tek continue to amaze and astound other upcoming producers with his gorgeous synthesis and luscious arrangement methods. Hailing from Panama, this unusual Progressive star has slowly but surely made a name for himself throughout many many years of constant hard work and hours upon hours of trial and error, well within a decade of work. His abilities were first internationally noticed by the influential forces of Jaytech in 2011 with his remix to David AkermanisAura, and was a featured favorite on both his podcast and his End Of Year Countdown mix on AH.FM. In 2012, G-Tek started to dip his feet towards bigger names, as he received support from artists like MaRLo on Majestic, Richard Durand on his remix to Derix & ShorelinersSumr and even gained support from Armin van Buuren on his single of Swan Song with assistance from vocalist Kimberly Hale. Additionally, we also covered G-Tek before with his stellar remix to Nigel Good‘s single, This Is You; (which can be viewed here: https://www.youredm.com/2013/09/24/nigel-good-ft-sarah-clark-g-tek-remix-preview/). Now, he pulls back the tempo to almost Glitch Hop BPM as he continues to push the boundaries on sound design with his remix to Kobana‘s Sighted, fresh off of Arrival’s 01 Destination United Kingdom sampler.


First time listeners will initially feel inquisitive at the Downtempo-esque feel of the mix, as G-Tek has unusually paired the BPM to a cool and sexy 114 beats per minute. While that BPM is only reserved for Glitch Hop, Moombahton and really laid back Deep House, this choice is actually quite fascinating to experience, as it soon blooms upon our ears of the immense advantages that 114 can present to us. The funk is represented in a much clearer fashion than with a quicker speed and each micro-motif has a chance to breathe and to stretch its legs out, allowing the groove to really seep into every nook and cranny. Of course, no G-Tek production can be complete without his signature, jaw-dropping synth designs and this mix naturally has that attribute in spades. Unusual timbre choices, such as chopped vocal timbres, Deep House chordal pads and a particularly striking bassline add a sense of sass and spunk to the mix, as well as add to its contribution to its uncanny qualities in character and tone. The diversification between new school productionary alignments and pre-contemporary disco styles is both refreshing and fascinating, and the stark contrast between not only the long held phrases, but also of its glitch-like nature, (which is most noticed in the second release), really strives to break out of the usual mold of Progressive productions and attempts to stand out as its own independent identity.

G-Tek‘s remix to Kobana‘s single, Sighted, is now available on Silk Digital via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today! Also make sure to check out the Original, as well as the fantastic MoodFreak remix!


Keep the music alive. -Q