The remixes to the massive melbourne bounce track ‘The Munsta’ by SCNDL are out now via Monstercat and online retailers. The EP features remixes from Aero ChordNitro FunAaron Jackson and contest winner AlphavibeZ. If you’re familiar with the original, then you are well aware of the infectious lead synth that bounces throughout the track. Such an integral part of the original couldn’t be left out of the remixes, but you’ll see that every one of them uses it masterfully.

First up is Aero Chord with a dark trap-ish track that connects pretty well with the original. Trap remixes are notorious for being simple modifications of an original, but Aero Chord manages to add a lot of his own flair along with the 808s and such. The dark ominous vibe was nowhere in the original. Nitro Fun, on the other hand, took a break from his usual fun complextro style and entered his hand into some deep house and garage vibes. I don’t know how to explain it really, but it just sounds like a UK track. Expert percussion and a really well-defined sound design, proper sampling and just awesome production technique all coalesce in this deep dancefloor tune.

Contest winner AlphavibeZ brings the hardstyle with his remix. Now, I’m no hardstyle expert, or even really a fan for that matter… but from what I hear it’s all about the kick? As far as I can tell, AlphavibeZ has got it right with this one. The pace is fast and exciting and the kick is nice and compressed! Though, the good part doesn’t kick in (see what I did there?) until about 1:34. The kick gets some melody attached to it and suddenly the track is streets ahead. Finishing off the EP, Aaron Jackson has the longest track at just over five minutes. And again, I’m not an expert at house genres, so I wanna call this progressive, but it sound like it may have some tech house elements, too. Either way, this remix is easily the freshest out of the bunch. The long, winding arpeggios and pitch edits make this a very dynamic track.

All in all, I would have liked to have seen that lead synth used in different ways, in different progressions. Maybe some really deep wobbles out of it, or some scratching could have been nice. Aaron Jackson definitely won the EP though; his rendition is phenomenal.

Listen to the original here.

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