PIXL and Cassandra Kay? Hell yes, count me in! I’m sure you are thinking the same thing and after you hear their Monstercat single, “Broken Bones,” you’ll be stuck in their musical grips forever. In the intro you are met by crisp pads and Cassandra’s ravishing vocal that leads you into the build, which foreshadows the goodness that is to come. What may that be? A legendary progressive phrase that puts many mainstage artists to shame. What’s cool to is that PIXL doesn’t take the easy way out and just have the same drop twice; he switches up the composition to give us a little different take on the emotion of the record. The hints of electro had me all excited, however they don’t last too long. Maybe I can hope for a VIP to be released in the future. If not, I can’t fret, because this tune alone is big enough!

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