Few artists in the EDM scene face the pressure associated with their follow-up album quite like Zedd.

Knife Party has been on the hook since early 2012, and Nero‘s forthcoming release will be tough to overtake their visionary debut “Welcome Reality” – so what’s it like producing the sequel to “Clarity?” Pretty awesome, apparently. The Russian/German phenom is 80% done writing his record, and is headed to Malibu for two weeks to begin production. Nothing quite like beautiful weather to stimulate a business trip!

Zedd sat down with Billboard this week at Bonnaroo to lend insight on the writing process and some vague hints at what to expect. He was eager to note the spectrum of collaborators featured on the record, from virtually unheard to blockbuster. “I love that idea of finding artists that no one knows and giving them the spotlight,” he tells Billboard. “I’ve found a girl who has an absolutely incredible voice who I’d never heard of before.”

His pride in not revealing who these raw talents are just yet is understandable, but no word on the major collaborations is tough to accept. “There’s going to be a few really, really exciting collaborations that I don’t want to spoil,” says Zedd, “a lot of artists that I’ve wanted to work with for so long, and now I finally get the chance.”

We salute you, Zedd! Don’t mind how anxious the world is to hear your new record. The highly-anticipated followup to Clarity will send tidal wives through the electronic music universe, but only when it’s good and ready.