After showcasing his perfected grooves of production, with ‘Weiss City Vol 1 & 2’, along with some of his featured tracks that are still rocking the dance floors, like “My Sister” and “Silky Slut”, Weiss now returns with his third installment of ‘Weiss City Vol 3’. Weiss took the time to fills us in about his craft behind, ‘Weiss City Vol 3’:

1. In comparison from your previous EPs, Weiss City Vol 1 & 2, what makes the sound of Vol 3 different from the other two volumes?

“The tracks are definitely different but they still contain my “Weiss” style. With this project I never want to keep repeating the same style of tracks as I’ll just end up getting bored in the studio, but I think I’ve taken a darker approach with these.”

2. You mentioned to have taken this EP to a rather darker approach, what inspired this route?

“I think the clubs I have played in recently. When I say dark, I mean dark in a good way. A lot of the clubs I’ve played in recently have been amazing and really underground so I think I’ve taken the memories from these nights and put them into the music. I wanted to do an EP which was even more underground and chunkier with a cool groove and I think I’ve achieved this on each of the three tracks.”

3. Before crafting this EP, did you already have a certain sound or even a story line thought up beforehand, or did it evolve as you started production?

“Oh definitely. I always have an idea of how I want the finished product to sound. I have the skeleton of a track and build it from there.”

4. What are you hoping for fans to take away from this volume?

“Tingles on the back of their neck. I want them to just enjoy the tracks in the clubs, at home or wherever they listen to them. For me the main reason I do this is to see how the crowds react to my music and “touch wood” every time I’ve had great reactions from each Weiss City I’ve made.”

5. What’s your favorite track off the EP and why?

“That’s a tough one as I’m proud of all three. If I had to pick one it would have to be “I feel better” because it’s full of energy and gets an amazing reaction every time I play it out…especially after the main break down.”

‘Weiss City Vol 3’ embodies a pure house music vibe. Weiss crafts unique elements with each track, which makes this third installment different from the first two, but he still holds tight to his signature sound that fans, just like myself, crave more of.

He starts off the EP with “I Feel Better”, which was also premiered on BBC Radio 1 with Danny Howard. Weiss creates a dark and moody rhythm, as it’s a perfect combination with the small glimpse of smooth percussions that swing you into the uplifting vocals of “I Feel Better”.

Then you will hear, “I Can’t Stop”. Weiss sinks you into a deeper, underground atmosphere, which sparks that ultimate feel good sensation you experience when listening to a track you instantly love. It’s an addictive, yet an organic rhythm that is a bit rough around the edges with the “Uh, Uh” vocal stabs. These little elements are a perfect touch to this track.

Weiss ends his EP off just right with “Alright With Me”. Lets say it’s a bit more raw and sharp with the beats and vocals. Weiss meshes a solid combination of tech-house and imprinting his signature moody-bass line throughout this track.

‘Weiss City Vol 3’ did give me the “tingles” on the back of my neck, as I am infatuated with each production crafted because Weiss illustrates a variety of house music beats, from one track to the next. ‘Weiss City Vol 3’ is the perfect soundtrack to accompany any environment, from the dance floor to your headphones. This is yet another amazing installment to his ‘Weiss City’ series, and definitely my favorite one.

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