Calling all progressive house fans! If you are in need of quality music, look no further and acquaint yourself with Rochester’s Petey Mac.

Two months ago, this young producer released a special remix of “The Flight of Apollo” by Angels & Airwaves that racked up over 28,000 plays on SoundCloud. Now, after changing his name from Pa_triot to Patriot, he returns with a remix of yet another song unconventionally different from the electronic dance music world. This time he reshapes the song “Greatest Time Of My Life” by American, hip-hop duo I.O.U. with stellar result.

Patriot strips the organ chords and guitar riffs and replaces them with a brand new melody and excellent synth work. It is as beautiful and as captivating the original while redirecting the energy into a beat-driven genre. This is the type of remix that allows listeners to close their eyes and dream of better days when their weeks have been rough. It is uniquely emotional while musically exceptional, leaving a sense of powerful tranquility.

Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, stream it on SoundCloud and (if you like it) grab it for free below.

Also check out the I.O.U. and all there hip-hop.
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