The first original EP from the Blunt Sinatras is finally here. Blunted is their two track project that got released by Ultrafreak this week. Their music tends to be based on electronic forms of hip-hop with trap and twerk being strengths of theirs, however they don’t give you what I’m going to call “the usual.” Take “Tiki Shack Shake” for example; it’s not like much else I’ve heard, except for a few sections that liven up some iconic musical structures that are found in other tracks. They take things next level, which is even further exemplified by “Territup!.” It’s a wacky tune with some really fresh sound design. This is my favorite out of the two. Both express their signature style that’s becoming more concrete and I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store. Support the EP by snagging it on Beatport below!

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