Many have been eagerly awaiting for Varien’s newest release. Finally, today, the veil is lifted and ‘Valkyrie’ emerges as a post-rock/EDM fusion that thunders along furiously.

The acoustic guitar is live recorded and sounds wonderful against Laura Brehm’s powerful vocals, proving herself time and again to be one of EDM’s favorite vocalists. Not one for producing just any EDM track, Varien is adept at disguising his productions as epic motifs covering a vast array of genres; so while you might call this drumstep (which fits), other fitting terms might be post-rock, grunge, or so on. ‘Valkyrie’ is an enormously brave track to put out in such a heavily synth-laden climate, and it puts him worlds above the rest.

My only qualm with the track is that I wish it were longer. I’ve listened to it over and over and every time it seems like it stops just short of a real ending. Perhaps that was Varien’s wish? I’m not sure, but I think that this could definitely lend itself to a VIP in the future. Or maybe the reason for it sounding so unfinished is that it’s supposed to lead into another track… on an album perhaps? This is just speculation, of course. ‘Valkyrie’ is out now on Beatport.