Lana Del Rey is remixed so often I wouldn’t be surprised if she put out an official remix album, much like Asking Alexandria. The constant influx of remixes, good or bad, can make it difficult to really pick out one that stands above the rest. However, when I was sent this remix by Illenium it was love at first listen.

I already hold Lana’s voice in high regards, and Illenium managed to keep that vocal prowess intact while throwing a little personal flair into the mix. The original has a dark and melodic feel, much like the very beginning of the remix. However, the remix very quickly turns to a melodic dubstep sound, with rolling hi-hats and a more pronounced bassline. This is the kind of mix you want to hear at the end of a long night as you’re sitting outside watching the sun come up, it just fits that kind of vibe.

Check out the track below and download it for free on Illenium’s Facebook page.