One of the EDC Discovery Project winners this year was Vena Cava. The win was no fluke, as you’ll find out (or hopefully already know), because the music that comes from the mind of this LA man is astonishing. TOHKA//Skylight is his latest, being a double single that can be downloaded for free through VC’s Tumblr site. The first of the two, “TOHKA,” is an exhilarating musical feat that features the singer Raya. Not only are the BPMs up in clouds, but the energy this has is off the charts. Taking things a different direction is “Skylight,” the drum & bass counterpart to the first track. Way chiller, this liquid joint uses piano, wet basslines and organic percussion to engulf the listener. I can’t forget about the smooth synth whose melody is the cherry on top of a delicious sundae. Enjoy the tunes and don’t forget to grab them for free.

Free Download