Sam Paye, more commonly known as the Liberian artist Trona, has a special premiere for you guys today with his unreleased track “Tell Me.” Along with it comes a remix by the Idaho producer Jakzon that is currently available as a free download. So if you are a fan of some killer trap, then you are going to want to get that. The original, which features Adra Boo of Fly Moon Royalty, is not of a style that comes to mind when you think “EDM,” but the downtempo electronic influences are heavy. With Trona’s magic, the poppy record turned out incredible; Adra plays a large role as well, belting out her beautiful voice throughout the three and a half minutes of the song. Due out July 2nd through Trona’s own label, Bomb Recordings, “Tell Me” will take people by storm, whether it’s with the original, or radio mix, both of which can be found below.

Free Download of Jakzon Remix