Who is ready for a throwback? I feel odd having to explain this, but once upon a time before Beyonce was married to Jay-Z she was the queen of all the single ladies. Before this, she was the front-woman of a triumvirate called Destiny’s Child, who was the female response to the boy band craze of the new millennia. Destiny’s Child was so popular that their music still finds room to surface today.

Enter Pittsburgh’s LeMoti, a duo that has a unique talent for integrating indie chill wave vibes with minimal trap beats. The result is a collection of tunes that go hand in hand with jamming at the pool or catching those late night feels with the bae.

Your EDM is happy to premiere their latest remix of Destiny’s Child‘s classic number “Bills Bills Bills.” The track plays off lyrics of the original but provides a fresh beat that plays up the 808’s and rolling percussion. It’s been 15 years since this track surfaced and LeMoti‘s reconstruction is the perfect face lift to bring the tune into contemporary rotation.

Grab the free download below and hit up LeMoti on social media!