Always Never frontman and founder Dylan Eiland, otherwise known as Le Castle Vania, is back with a new EP, and whoooooooo! It is fire!

After having a massive first release on mau5trap last September, the LA-based producer is back with Feels Like Fire, a 5-track EP of hard-hitting electro house and some steamy 110 bpm action. For this EP, Eiland has brought on an awesome bunch of collaborators including Must Die! and Crywolf.

The first track is a follow-up to the track of the same name four years ago. The intro is a total throwback, but the epic guitar riffs are replaced by a much more mastered and gritty growl synth, and the breakdown is all new, too. I personally think it’s a great follow up. The second track ‘Come Together’ features vocals by Mariana Bell, who quickly reveals herself to be a very powerful vocalist, commanding the tempo with her chopped up lyrics and great harmonics. It feels almost like a moombahton track with how bouncy it is, but it keeps the electrohouse sound, just going to show how versatile Eiland’s production can be.

Next up, Mariana Bell makes another appearance along with newcomer and heavyweight Must Die!. The drop has some heavily modulated synths and Mariana’s vocals again do wonders for the track. ‘Part Of Me’ features Crywolf, who just recently released a new EP, along with vocalist Alyssa Palmer. I think it’s clear at this point that Eiland’s vision for this EP is very vocally driven and Palmer is a great addition to the already stunning list of collaborators. Lastly, ‘Driving Away’ is the most chill of all the tracks with a sound that’s halfway between M83 and Metric, which is awesome if you ask me.

All in all, the EP is a fantastic release for Eiland, who will be joining Feed Me on his Psychedelic Journey Tour from 8/31 – 9/13. Check out the whole EP below and purchase it now on iTunes