If you happened to catch Carnage at EDC Las Vegas then you would have heard him drop an insane hard style remix of his new song ‘Bricks’. Everyone and their grandma wanted to know who was behind the masterpiece of filth, and Kayzo stepped forward today. Taking the original track and jamming it full of that body-shaking bass that only hard style can provide, Kayzo is proving once again why he’s the master of genre mixing.

Be sure to check out Kayzo’s track ‘Tekken’ on the Future Sound of EDM compilation album from Krewella out now on Ministry Of Sound, and keep an eye out and vote for Kayzo’s entry into Flosstradamus’ ‘Mosh Pit’ remix contest!

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We had the opportunity to sit down with Kayzo and ask him a few questions about life and music, here’s what the man had to say!

YE: When did you make the decision to go into music full time?

Kayzo: Music became a full time thing for me beginning of 2012. That’s when I moved out to Los Angeles.


YE: What would 10 year old Kayzo have said if we told him you’d be a professional producer and DJ?

Kayzo: He would have laughed. Laughed some more, and then would of gone on to play some hockey. I played hockey seriously up until I was 19.


YE: What has been the best part of 2014 so far?

Kayzo: Overall the best part of the year so far has been getting the support and recognition from my peers. It’s such a good feeling to know that your music is having an impact on the artists you look up to.


YE: What has been the worst?

Kayzo: I honestly don’t have a “worst” part of the year. Sure there have been tough, trialing times, but the fact that I’m here today making music for living, I really have nothing to complain about.


YE: What’s the best part of being a musician that no one realizes?

Kayzo: Being able to express all of your emotions within an mp3 file; And allowing that file, filled with emotions from a life someone knows nothing about, to be shared with people all over the world.


YE: Which of your upcoming releases are you most excited about?

Kayzo: Well besides the Bricks remix that I just put out, it would be the slew of originals I’ve been collecting. I have a really dark collaboration with my friend Seek N Destroy out of Australia, as well as a vocal dubstep record with the talented Nina Sung.


YE: How did it feel being featured on Krewella’s ‘Future Sound of EDM’ compilation?

Kayzo: It was a huge honor to get the email from Ministry of Sound knowing that Krewella decided to take a chance on my sound and sort of hybrid style that came about with my record Tekken.


YE: Since you’re part of the “future sound of EDM”, what do YOU think the future sound of EDM is?

Kayzo: Wow, well that’s a big title to take.There really is no specific sound that takes the cake. Everyone is starting to really just be fun, wild, and free with their sounds.


YE: Would you rather play a big festival or an intimate club?

Kayzo: Well I just got back from EDC, and at this point in time I would have to give the nod to the big festival. There is just so much passion at these things. The unity that forms between everyone there is something you can’t really begin to explain.


YE: What’s the most over rated thing in electronic music right now?

Kayzo: Feeling the need to hate on a genre that may be overplayed or “commercial”. Everyone just needs to keep there mouths shut and just make music. You’re not “underground” or “cool” if you just sit and bash things.


YE: What do you wish people would talk about more, and what do you wish people would talk about less?

Kayzo: I wish people within the electronic music community would just talk more about what can be done to keep the scene tasteful and thriving. I wish the same people would just stop talking about what genres aren’t cool.


YE: How has your past affected your music?

Kayzo: I grew up playing hockey, and played at a pretty high level throughout my life. Music, electronic to be more specific, was always a big part of my mental preparation for games. I was a pretty fast player; therefore speed, to me, was always important. When it comes to my music, speed and energy is always present. I like to think of my music as how I played hockey, energetic and always moving.


YE: Does looking forward into your future affect the music you make now?

Kayzo: Not at all. I’m always trying to create in the moment. This I think is why I am always producing multiple genres and tempos. Every day is a new day and a different feeling. Some days I’m in a 128 BPM mood, and some days I’m super excited and want to go harder with 150 hardstyle. It’s always different and never calculated.


YE: What is it like being with Sweet Shop Records? What kind of family are they?

Kayzo: Sweetshop is great. Everyone over there is first and foremost a good friend. It makes working with them much easier, and usually more fun than most artist label relationships.


YE: If you had to open and close every set for the rest of your life with one song, what would it be?

Kayzo: The Sports Center theme song. I’ve ALWAYS thought of remixing it, but now I just want to play it in it’s raw form.


YE: What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod right now?

Kayzo: Dude, I can’t even locate my iPod, but if I had to guess; it would probably something along the lines of a Cartel song or something of the early Usher years, but regardless Usher’s still my jam.


YE: Tell us what’s coming up for Kayzo.

Kayzo: I’ve been working on way too much music to even keep up with. Looking at about 11 unreleased songs. I’ve got a couple HUGE originals to put out. I also have been talking with my good friend SAYMYNAME. We may do an EP together.