As far as heavy bass music producers go, Knife Party takes the cake. Although there are plenty of other producers that hit at a similar amplitude, the Party of Knives duo has secured their position as the heaviest in the game.

Living in a state of nostalgia after 2014’s EDC Las Vegas has come and passed, if you were amongst the many that bombarded Knife Party’s set at the Circuit Grounds stage on the second night, we forgive you for dismissing any and all acts that may have played at the same time slot allotted to Knife Party, and you may want to consider yourself lucky.

As announced some months ago, Knife Party’s 12 track LP has nine of the tracks completed and the album titled solidified, “Abandon Ship“. Amongst their 70 minute set, Rob Swire prepped a new music infused set with loads of demos that will drastically change between now and their release but regardless, we have new music from KP! One of the tracks featured showcases Rob Swire on vocals which will surely excite all the Pendulum fans and of course, new Knife Party material.

Cancel your appointments, call in sick, and listen to Knife Party’s set at this years EDC below!

-Chris Wood-