Los Angeles is home to Frank Royal, who, as of recently, has had some partnerships with Play Me Records. The newest is in the form of his Arrival EP and the second is a free remix that was released on June 23rd. If you are looking for some of the hottest beats around, then Frank shall serve you well from the future. All of the songs share Frank’s royal stamp, but each ventures off in their own direction for a motley project.

First we have “Arrival,” whose portentous intro creates the perfect context for the affirmative drop into the musing abyss. Clean serene tones sooth your soul in a few different forms with the culmination of them all leaving the listener breathless. I can’t get my fill of the next track. “Fill Up” is just a straight beast of a record; there’s nothing else that really needs to be said about it. It is the definition of dope. “Dizzy” is the third single on the EP. Its mind-bending nature is expressed though its catchy rhythms and dreamy sounds. The percussion on this song is so incredible, as it is on this whole project. “Lost City” concludes the EP in a riveting way. Prepare to feel liberation in the most musically interesting way possible. Buy the Arrival EP through Beatport and check out Frank Royal‘s remix that is a Play Me freebie.

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