Before you get all uppity about another person hopping into Djing, let’s first note that Elijah Wood has been Djing for a while. That’s right, the actor from Lord of the Rings and Maniac (god, that’s a great movie) is a DJ under the act Wooden Wisdom with his partner Zach Cowie. These two commenced FantasyCon with a set at The Complex, which got the whole multi-day event started off with a bang. Aside from this event, Wooden Wisdom has played a pre-Emmy party and Bushmills Live festival in 2012.

Along with the DJ set came a Q&A with the actor/film producer, who probably got a bunch of questions about his DJing, given the recent explosion of DJ awareness, most likely thanks to the hard work of Dillon Francis two years ago. Although you can’t check out the performance, you can check out a Wooden Wisdom interview, as well as a mix they have on their Soundcloud account. FantasyCon is still going on, so head over to their website to check out ticket information. If you are interested in anything fantasy, then you’d better be there!