Experimentation is what pushes music along for the better. Borealis did some experimenting in order to create the IDM tracks “Imago VX” that comes as a free download and “SentieΛI.” Both songs will be featured on the Tipping Hand Recordings EP, Kallionyma which is set for July 8th, however the former single is out now as a free download. It’s an ambient six minute journey is what you will get with this particular single. It has a dystopian feel to it, with industrial percussion and some intriguing sounds, however it musters up an alluring curiosity in the listener. For the people who just need to vibe out after yesterday’s party festivities, this one is for you. Get it for free through the link below and check out the music video for the single there as well.

Free Download

Secondly we have “SentieΛI” which has a different style, yet it still comes from left field so to speak. It’s a subtle track that is just asking to be put into a feature length film. The soundscapes Borealis creates in this are both recognizable and awe-inspiring. Get this one on the 8th when the EP drops. Head on over to Bandcamp to pre-order it!