Last month was huge for the Original Moombahton who dropped Volume II of their compilation series on the 30th. Volume I came earlier and both came to the internet freely for a total of thirty five songs that you get with no fiscal charge. The twenty in this batch rival the first in quality, however picking a favorite is absurd to even think about. It’s all moombahton; it’s all good.

This time artists like Champion Rocka, Banginclude, dOpe Tendencies, The Maniax and others make up the list of contributors. My personal favorites from the project were Paul Lee‘s “Snake Dance” and the unique production, “Rompe La Discoteca,” from Gabriel Rowano. Exactly as the other compilation, this one can be directly downloaded by clicking on the link below. Starting off the week with Moombahton Monday is always how things should go.

Free Download