You know I love moombahton. If it were a lady, she’d be smooth and sexy and I’d marry her in a heartbeat. Whether you are into the more soulful side, the bass heavy side or just some straight up traditional Latin heat, the 110 life is the best life. One of the newer outlets, who also happens to be one of the best, is Original Moombahton, founded by the biggest lover of moombahton I know, Steve Ohh. Original Moombahton Volume I features fifteen singles from some of the best moombah acts out right now. We’ve posted about guys like Ricky Vaughn, Happy Colors, Kapo, Krumm and others before, but there are some new names like Cubaki, Billion Dollars and Mohntee that made it into the bunch. No matter who brought the track, you can be sure all fifteen are straight fire. This project alone proves to me that the genre is not dead, so I better not hear that again. You may download the entire compilation for directly, for free, below.

Original Moombahton Volume II is set for release next Monday, June 30th. BIG MAKK has provided a mix for you to taste what else is to come. Although it’s short, it is packed with goodies that will tease you until the full release. You may also download that mix for free!

Free Download