Dodge & Fuski came together with Nick Thayer and unleashed “Playboy” along with a remix from Barely Alive two weeks ago. Fast forward to now and this song gets remixed by yet another young talent who is sending shockwaves throughout the dubstep and glitch-hop scenes. Previously, he released two EPs under the names Endless and more recently¬†All This Time. Now, the man we have come to know as Fox Stevenson has returned from his four-track release to dazzle us with his latest work.

Where the original takes maximum focus on hitting hard and where the Barely Alive mix strives for a trap/moombahton sensation, Fox Stevenson changes the focus to a more calming energy. While maintaining a glitch-hop structure, Fox’s remix takes the chill approach in using high notes while taking listeners on an audio roller coaster with a mind-gripping melody. It certainly does not “drop” as hard as its other incarnations, but this remix surely stands apart in direction, musical style, and originality for all the better.

Grab this amazing remix off of Disciple Recordings on Beatport here or stream the full song off of SoundCloud. Also if you would like to check out more from Fox Stevenson, check out his mix on the Your EDM Mix Series.