According to the United Nations’s World Drug Report published in June of 2014, Australia is leading the world in ecstasy consumption.

Upward trends in the consumption of other drugs in Australia were also evident in the report. They’re now sitting at 4th in cocaine consumption and 7th in cannabis. Even though the country is leading in ecstasy consumption, however, the report indicates that ecstasy consumption in Australia has actually gone down, and the consumption of¬†cannabis, cocaine, and hallucinogens, has gone up.¬†“In Australia, expert opinion points to an increase in the consumption of cannabis, cocaine, hallucinogens, and solvents and inhalants, but a decline in the use of “ecstasy.” The report also notes the increased popularity of designer drugs, or “research chemicals.”

I recommend you check out the full report here. It’s quite informative.

So there you have it. Aussies like to party. On a much less somber note, here’s a video about American vs Australian party culture.

h/t Mixmag