We here at Your EDM always pride ourselves in providing a platform for upcoming artists to grow and mature over time, and there isn’t an upcoming Psy Trance producer that we love more than the Israeli captain that is Daniel Lesden. His introspective works were discovered early on by the legendary Ovnimoon and since then, he has released a number of singles on esteemed labels such as Borderline Music, Perfecto Fluoro and Synergetic Records. We even covered his works before with a rare, detailed review of his debut album entitled Chronicles Of The Universe, (which you can read about here: https://www.youredm.com/2014/02/24/edm-album-review-daniel-lesden-chronicles-universe-j00f-recordings/ ). The reason why we love him so much is because of the unique blend of styles that he effortlessly contributes to his ever expansive productions, as he fruitfully incorporates blisteringly edgy concepts with the essence and spirit of the older styles of Progressive Trance; a challenge that many artists attempt to nail, but never get right. We catch a glimpse of this notion in action with the release of his brand new single on J00F V.2 entitled Mirai, in which he teams up with fellow Psy Trance instrumentalist Spinney Lainey. The mixture of smooth, flowing flute and relentless, yet beautiful sounds of Daniel Lesden sends your senses on a wild ride throughout incredible new dimensions of sounds and colors.

A very interesting aspect to this track is the fact that Daniel labeled Mirai as ‘Morning Psy Trance’, and while that particular sub-genre is not technically an established style, we can definitely see some aspects that demonstrate this innovative idea. Many of the wisps and gusts of sound wind that permeates the soundscape have a certain healthy aura to them and while they are within the biting sounds of Psy, they are not brooding, nor angry, nor saddened. Instead, they are vivacious and full of life, almost like they are ready to seize the day with an excited gleam in its eyes. Certainly, the beautiful melodies of Spinney Lainey only intensify this notion tenfold and the sheer improvisatory nature of her performance gives the track a more organic and life fulfilling context than if done with simply a computer. Additionally, the fact that the main bassline is moving within a joyous, even rapturous chord progression almost gives a sense of carefree livelihood that flows throughout the veins of Mirai. Of course, this isn’t to say that this piece isn’t intelligent in its own design, as the second drop is filled with a very fascinating selection of textures and hues that are systematically placed to challenge the listener in conventionality and abstractionism.

Daniel Lesden‘s fantastic single, Mirai, is now available on J00F V.2 via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure you check out the B-Side to this release entitled Out Of This World!


Keep the music alive. -Q