Warped Tour is looking to continue their affiliation with the electronic music world. A three year deal has been announced by Kevin Lyman and Clark Warner, who recently spoke to Billboard, which would allow producers a chance to tap into the Warped fan base. Lyman, the founder of Warped, said that he thought that his fans “are the most eclectic music fans there are,” so there would be no reason to fear rejection. After all, they’ve already had a Beatport tent there in previous years.

With From First to Last, Skrillex already performed at the festival back in mid-2000’s, however Lyman would like to see him return as a DJ. I’d hope to see some up and coming names get the opportunity to play the stage, but with numerous producers releasing tracks for free, and not on Beatport, I’m not sure if that means Warner, Beatport’s Creative Director, has eyes on them. Producers who make up the 2014 lineup are Antiserum, Crizzly, NiT GriT as well as a few others, including the poet/rapper Watsky. Dates for their events and ticket information can be found here.

Source: Billboard