Not only do the Netherlands provide some of the greatest DJ’s, soccer teams, and dirty dutch house music, but now the dutch company, Yalp, have also invented the very first outdoor DJ Booth known as the ‘Fono‘. As described by Deep House Amsterdam:

The rapid induction of DJing and dance culture into the public domain has taken a groundbreaking new form now that the Dutch design company Yalp has taken the DJ booth from the club to your own street, playground and town square.

Essentially, this rig allows you to step up and mix in a very easy way by simply placing your smartphone on the provided wireless dock, sync your library, and you are good to go. With DJ’s becoming the modern age Rockstars, almost everyone, both young and old, are trying to find their way into this luxurious scene.

Yalp explains the Fono is “made to dare minors and teens to explore their musical creativity, to let them make, rearrange and share music with their mobile phone and to create a social meeting place for them.”

Despite lacking EQ knobs and pitch slides, the Fono seems to be a very promising product to kick start people’s musical drive and hopefully encourage them to learn the art more thoroughly. Check out the video below and leave us your thoughts!

Source: Deep House Amsterdam