The 14th July sees the mighty Zomboy release the ‘Outbreak’ from his debut LP, ‘The Outbreak’. It features the lyrical talents of Armanni Reign and is specifically designed to get you on your feet and melt your face. Never Say Die have been killing it this year and this beasty single from one of their biggest forces reinforces their dominance.

The tune itself would be powerful enough as an instrumental but renowned rapper Armanni Reign brings an added element of aggressiveness to it. ‘Outbreak’ is full of all the sounds we’ve all come to love from Zomboy and is more in line with his signature style – his first single ‘WTF!?’  certainly divided opinion amongst fans, but this should show everyone he hasn’t forgot how to rock a dance floor.

With his Outbreak Tour going strong across the States, it’s the dropping of tracks like this that have been drawing the crowds. There’s a reason Zomboy is such a massive bass presence, and ‘The Outbreak’ highlights the quality of his production once again.