Renowned host, MC and rapper Armanni Reign is a hugely respected part of the bass scene. Having rapped from his school days, he later made his foray into Drum & Bass, nominated for Best Breakthrough MC at the Knowledge Drum & Bass Awards and becoming the official Metalheadz US host in 2003. Since then, his unique style of dynamic flow has seen him release various hip hop mixtapes, collaborate with an array of artists and perform live with all the dubstep and D&B greats across the globe. Most recently, he features on the new Zomboy single ‘Outbreak’, taken from his debut LP. We had a chat with Armanni to hear more about his glittering career and future plans.

You feature on the huge ‘Outbreak’. How did you find working with Zomboy? Can you tell us a little about the creative process you went through with him?

Working with Zomboy on this tune and actually everyone involved on the Never Say Die team has been a wonderful experience.  I’ve met Josh (Zomboy) a few times out gigging and have even MC’d for him here in Atlanta. Knowing the love and energy he puts into his music as well as his sets, I was extremely excited to be involved in this project. It’s always easy to collab with someone when you can feel that. He had a clear plan for an unfinished idea so, I had some fun with it and then he took it to another level… as he does. I’m really glad people are enjoying it as much as we had fun making it.

You’ve worked with some brilliant producers. Who have been particular highlights for you? Any tracks that were particularly fun to make?

Honestly, I just love making music! An easier question is: “Which song wasn’t fun to make?” Which I have no answer for, haha. This project due to the style of it, was super fun. Add in how much fun we had making the video and sheesh!! It truly is a blessing for anyone to take notice when you put your art on display. The GASM crew, Atlantic Connection, The Upbeats, Zomboy, etc.. every chance I get to create something infinite is another breath of life and it’s awesome to share that.

Never. I go where the music takes me and I try to stay that way as much as possible. I grew up listening to nothing but hip-hop. So, when my musical palette finally opened up I vowed to never be predictable and not worry about what demographic will like what. I want make music in every genre. So, I try go in with an adaptive mind state every time.

You’ve played at some major festivals in the US. Which ones do you have the fondest memories of?

Man, you guys are going to hate me for sticking to this but, they all are amazing for different reasons! Each time, a different moment is made. From the small intimate clubs of 150 people to the spectacle that is EDC or Paradiso! 15 years and it’s still all mind boggling to me, haha.  Playing ‘Outbreak’ impromptu at this year’s Paradiso with Zomboy before Andy C was awesome… playing with Andy C in the rain of Chicago was awesome… so many! I can’t separate these moments!

How do you cater you style to each genre you play?

It’s the same as writing in the sense that you go where the music takes you. If I’m not playing a LIVE set of my own tunes, it’s not about anything more then music and the vibe of the party. I don’t go into any of the sets with any DJ with a pre-planned idea. I’m blessed to work with very talented DJs and we just vibe off each other and the crowd. I try to react and adjust my style, delivery and energy accordingly.

What plans are there for the near future? Any exciting projects coming up?

Always, thanks for asking! I am currently working with The Upbeats on a huge hip-hop influenced project under the moniker SOCIETY of NUM3ERS. We are about 25 tracks and counting into that and extremely excited to show the public! I also just got finished working an EP with Mark Instinct, which sounds like (what some consider) a Trap and Dubstep hybrid. The lead single on that is ‘The Show’ which you can preview on our Soundcloud right now. Also busy on a few D&B collabs with Mason, Mayhem, Logam as well as a few other things in the works. We can speak on that next time! 😉

Until then, thank for letting me spend my two cents. It means the world to me. See you guys on July 14th. Bless!

Be sure to grab a copy of ‘Outbreak’ on July 14th.