Nathaniel Rathburn, aka Audien, has had quite the journey since 2009. Being one of the young leaders in the dance community, you as a raver should probably get to know him. Good thing is, Eight On 808 met up with the producer in a tell all interview. You get music questions, of course, but you also get the chance to get to know the producer beyond that. From his superstitions to his breakfast habits to his favorite sound, pretty much everything is covered in this video. Can you guess his favorite song of all time? Probably not. However, it’s not a bad thing to know because it is a song everyone needs to hear. Get the details on this down to Earth producer who has a bright career ahead.

Head on over to his Facebook to see his tour schedule, as he has shows underway along with a European summer tour. If you haven’t checked out music he’s recently released, then you should do that too.