If you don’t like 12 Play then you can get out. If you don’t like R Kelly because of his time in the gossip spotlight, then I get why you may tense up when Robert’s name is brought up. However, at least when it comes to music, the man deserves respect. He’s won multiple Grammys and even wrote a song for Michael Jackson that was nominated for another. He’s one of the most, if not the most, successful R&B artists since his first published work back in 1992. He’s conquered R&B, he’s pioneered the hip-hopera and now he’ll be taking his musical genius to the world of electronic music.

R Kelly revealed at a Chicago festival that he is currently working on a house album. During his performance as a special guest, the artist took some time out to share the news and let us know that “it’s coming.” I honestly couldn’t be more excited to hear music from someone outside of dance music than he, so when I watched the video below the fanboy inside me started to awaken. Now he’s just peering out of my eyeballs waiting to see when this album has a release date.