A name that has surfaced in the world of multi-genre musicians has a new EP out today on Firepower Records. The young artist featured earlier this year on Your EDM’s Mix Series Fox Stevenson returns with a whopping five tracks that stretch from electro house, dubstep, drum and bass, and glitch-hop infused with his sensational vocals.

The first song “High Five!” excels with screeching synths and exalted singing, triumphantly leading listeners in the right direction. The follow-up is the titular song of the extended play “Throwdown”, which does just that. This song delivers a bass booming to slow-groovy vibes and changes it up with quick-hitting kicks for a second drop. The third and middle song of this EP called “Double Up”  takes the Flux Pavilion approach of dubstep. Without a care in the world for the safety of eardrums, this track starts firing away growls and bass-canon power like there’s no tomorrow. Right after is the production gold of the entire EP. The track “Manage” contains three different, vibrant, energetic drops that stand as a testament to Fox’s production skills. To wrap up the journey that this EP has served, “All In” generates emotion within the sound. It may not be as nasty or vicious as its predecessors, but it gets the job done.

Pick up and purchase Fox Stevenson’s Throwdown EP and embark from everyday life and into an odyssey of electric ferocity combined with uplifting vocal talent. If you’re on the fence about this EP, check out the SoundCloud link below and let us know what you think.