Earlier this year, Foster The People released their sophomore album Supermodel with singles “Coming Of Age” and “Pseudologia Fantastica” that came out before the album. When the album dropped, their third single was released and started to chart in the Billboard charts. Today, however, a new remix has surfaced of that single titled “Best Friend” from American duo Vaux & Rivera transforming the alternative rock original into successful progressive house.

This free download starts with a subtle, yet suggestive intro that leads into Mark Fosters remarkable singing. As the chorus runs its course, Vaux & Rivera pack-a-wallop with a super anthemic drop that fits the tone of many of today’s main-stage live sets. This remix takes listeners onto another wavelength of fist-pumping action with hypnotic kicks and piercing synths. At the end of four minutes, this song will leave you wanting more or clicking repeat.

The Vaux & Rivera remix of “Best Friend” is also available as a free download. Check their SoundCloud and enjoy the ride.