A little over a month ago, we heard TastyTreat‘s single, ‘It’s You’, and absolutely loved it; so much in fact, that it warranted being named a strong candidate for the anthem of the summer. Well, we’re happy to say we spoke too soon because their latest release is pure magic.

‘Say Yes’, the duo’s tribute to the one and only Floetry, is a beautiful and melodic take on future bass, dripping with lush, distorted R&B vocals. The percussion is crisp and the warm, feels-inducing synth-work leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. This is truly vibe driven music and the level of skill on display here is stunning, on par with big dogs of the future bass/R&B game like Sweater Beats and Lido. ‘Say Yes’ will take you gently by the hand, seduce your mind and body, and then wash over you like a warm summer breeze. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing the exact same thing to your boo later on this evening after a couple more listens to this sonic gem.

To put it simply, TastyTreat outdid themselves with this one. If ‘It’s You’ was a summer anthem candidate, then ‘Say Yes’ is the anthem of the summer. The boys put in a ton of work, so give the track a listen and share it with your friends. And did we mention it’s a free download? Make sure to grab it from their Facebook if you’re feeling the vibes!


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