The Signals are quickly becoming favorites of Your EDM staff as they continue to rise through the social media ranks and churn out track after quality track. ‘Signals vs The Noise’ marks their third official release, after ‘Soundwaves’ and their remix of ‘Technologic’, and the first to feature vocals.

The guys definitely went a more traditional approach this time. Rather than stick with the build-drop-build-drop progression of the general EDM track, this new tune went the more song approach and has fairly clear chorus, bridge, and verse. Apart from that, it could easily be credited as a progressive vocal track. And that final breakdown at the end is so damn sexy, calls to mind a mix between so many producers, namely Madeon or Haywyre.

With this newest release, The Signals continue to prove that they are not one-trick ponies and have seriously stumbled upon a unique sound. You can download this newest release for free HERE. Check out the full track below.