While most of the world’s top Trance DJ’s reside within the distant lands of Europe, many talented locals from America have finally started to tap into their boundless capabilities towards international acclaim and we here at Your EDM simply love when we are able to support a stateside favorite to represent our country. Today, we look at the successes and talents of Randall Glenn, (a local DJ from Seattle, Washington), whose slowly budding abilities are finally starting to meet their full potential. He is one of the main founders of the legendary Foundation Nightclub and apart from spinning on the decks, he also leads his stellar team towards the best in Trance and Progressive in Seattle. Aparently though, he has been putting in some serious hours in the studio, as his new single of Immense on Maracaido Records contains ample amounts of emotional drive to showcase his undying passion for music. However, we personally love the rework that the label owner has created, as Ronski Speed completely transforms Immense into an Uplifting masterpiece. While Ronski‘s older productions leaned towards the Uplifting spectrum of Trance, he has essentially locked himself into Trance at 130-134BPM for the last several years with a change in style; so to see him craft an Uplifting track such as this is not only rare to find in this day and age, but also a treat for us older fans. Astonishingly, Ronski Speed has completely flipped this track on its head, as expansive, heartfelt melodies and heavily engaging harmonies force their way towards the heart in true Uplifting fashion.

The one, definitive word that clearly defines this entire remix is ‘realization‘. As an artist who is just tapping into the international scene, Randall Glenn does not yet have the experience and attention to details that many veteran DJ’s do, (which isn’t to say he doesn’t have the potential to accomplish in the future though). Ronski‘s remix is much more than an edit, yet somewhat less than a full-on remix, as he keenly decides to keep the main melody in tact; subtlety referencing the phrase, ‘Don’t fix what isn’t broke‘. However, while the groundwork and foundation was laid out in the Original Mix, Ronski has carefully molded and refined it into a stunning masterpiece that packs both power and depth in its phrases with the finesse and grace that only a true artisan can fully accomplish. The chords in the breakdown and final release are both majestic and gorgeous in both physical and metaphorical design, as it almost sounds like a telling of an exciting, thrilling tale of romance and struggle that’s unfolding before our very ears in sheer, unbridled ecstasy. More so, however, we cannot shake off this feeling that this remix is somewhat special in a way, because the melody that accompanies this tune seems to transcend many others on terms of engaging the intrinsic and enigmatic ‘human element’ aspect in Trance. In our eyes, we see the melody come to life not for aesthetic’s sake, but because it is one of the first Uplifting tracks that Ronski has accomplished in a long, long time. It’s almost as if we are hearing a grand release of an overflow of emotional ideas that has been building up for many years, and the final realization of this track is over-enjoyment for the chance to be producing in this genre once again, a genre that he will always call home.

Ronski Speed‘s remix of Randall Glenn‘s Immense is out now on Maracaido Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q