The incredibly diverse duo Urban Contact is back, this time, with an extremely uplifting melodic-dubstep original. Urban Contact are known for producing everything from deep house to electro and dubstep; they seem to never disappoint, pumping out one gem after the other. Just recently, they announced that their smooth house remix of Dawa’s “Roll The Dice” would be released on Sony Music Entertainment through Epic records — a massive feat for any artist in the scene, electronic and non-electronic alike.

“Million Questions” starts out with an emotional piano chord progression shortly before the amazing vocals come in. The drums in the tune are crisp and give it a classic melodic dubstep feel, complimenting the vibes put forth by the vocals. The drops sustain the euphoric atmosphere created by the piano and the vocals, and make for a great overall tune. From the melodies, to the piano, to the vocals, to the subtle stings during the break and towards the end of the tune, everything about this track yells uplifting. These Austrian guys have quite the bright future. “Million Questions” is perfect for any melody-craving music fan, and is available for download through Beatport and Bandcamp. Check it out below.

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