It’s hard to keep track of the amount of music that comes out each week and I feel as though I try to share as much as I can with you readers. Whether through self posts or packages, like we have for you today with Music You Missed, there are a ton of artists that deserve a chance at reaching a larger crowd of people. The lot of artists here are some of those artists. You’ll recognize some of these names from previous posts, while some are new to our pages. Let’s get into the group and see what you missed from last week.

Kastra‘s back with another banger. His Brooklyn Fire release is a bouncy electro jam whose bassline is one of the coolest things you are going to hear coming out of the month of July. “Jiggle It” while you jiggle it. After you buy the track, of course.

Purchase on Beatport

Since booties are on my mind from the last one, I had to go with “Breathe” from Trill Ferrell next. This twerk production changes its sound as the song progresses, going through a drippin’ wet phase into an alarmingly lively section. Get this one for free by heading to the (gated) link below.

Free Download

EH!DE created “Destroy All Humans” and then Ray Volpe remixed it himself into a world ending monster. His sound design comes out in full with some dirty, dirty growls and yes I had to say it twice. Let’s just leave it at Ray is the man and you have to give this tune a listen.

Free Download

The first new face is Leon Osborn who captured my attention with “Vinson Massif.” His future garage piece is wicked good. Minimal, yes, but it’s not how much you have it’s what you have. With the different phrases of the song you get different vibes, but all of the stellar. Stream this below and lookout for a download in the future!

Fracture! closes things out with “Out of Time.” Screaming synths headline this big room beast that will tear through your speakers. Vicious is one word that comes to mind while listening; ferocious is another. No matter what adjective comes to mind to describe it, quality is good. The price tag is even better, coming in at $0. Get it!

PS, this is my 1,000th post. So, like, share it around or something.