Those of you planning on going to Electric Zoo at the end of August would do well to keep Netsky in mind as he closes Electric Zoo’s Riverside stage on Sunday, August 31. Before that though, the official video to his newest single ‘Running Low’ was just released to get everyone pumped, on his new VEVO account no less.

The video follows what seems to be a drugged out woman (who is not vocalist Beth Ditto) attempting to break out of an apartment building, who knows what happened the night before. She eventually breaks out but not before breaking through a few walls. Think about that in relation to the title ‘Running Low’ and it almost seems a little stalkerish? Perhaps I just really suck at interpreting music videos. Although, the one part where she throws herself through the floorboards seems awfully reminiscent of ‘Turn Down For What’, which is pretty hilarious.

Netsky just recently signed with JHO Management, and then consequently to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music, for this his first major release. ‘Running Low’ will see a full release on August 24th, but you can pre-order it here. Check out the video below and be sure to catch him at Electric Zoo on August 31st. You can buy tickets here.