After the announcement that Pete Tong will be hosting a new boat cruise All Gone To Sea, Your EDM caught up with the man himself to discuss his goals for the cruise, what will set this experience apart, trends in dance music, and more!

Have more questions? Be sure to catch Pete Tong on Reddit during his AMA this Thursday July 24th at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST.

How is UK radio different from US radio?  Why do you think US radio stations have been slow to push dance music? Do you think this will pick up?

In the UK we have BBC Radio 1 – A public service station that wants to be popular so that it can affect change, has nationwide coverage with a commitment to play new music and support new artists. It’s a national treasure and it’s the singular biggest difference between the two countries’ approach to radio. Dance music has made major inroads to top 40 radio in the USA for the last four or five years. The big commercial hits have had considerable support but the nature of commercial radio means that the focus is on a very narrow selection of only the most popular songs repeated often. My question is can the market now handle something a little broader that takes a risk and introduces more new music ? That’s Evolution’s mission. Looking at Disclosure’s success it feels like the time is right.


When electronic music first really started gaining traction in America, did you think it would blow up as well as it did?

I wasn’t surprised it got so big, after all dance culture is popular all over the world, but I was surprised at the way the convential business moved to invest so heavily. The consolidation of the big festivals and promoters happened very quickly and inevitably that alters the chemistry. Las Vegas also changed the game and the economic potential, providing a dozen new state of the art venues in the USA’s leading holiday destination leading to Ibiza like comparison’s.


What do you think is the next big trend in electronic music, in regards to genres? Why?

 I think if the UK and Europe keep producing non EDM hits then it’s inevitable that one or two will click in the US market and that might change things. The Festivals are all supporting specialist genres like deep house and techno, which is encouraging but it’s going to be a while before we see another form of electronic music knocking EDM off the big 20,000 plus main stages. It will probably be more about stars, artists and personalities than the music they play…. I also think smaller boutique festivals will grow around “anything but” EDM. Movement in Detroit is evidence of that.


When did you first decide to create a Pete Tong ‘s “All Gone To Sea” boat cruise/how long was it in the planning? What prompted the idea?

When you are looking around and thinking about how to create unique experiences within the electronic dance scene then the idea of a trip, a voyage, an adventure is very appealing. If you can keep the same crowd together for four days interesting things can happen. The cruise industry is opening up to more of these ideas and making them more affordable.


How will Pete Tong’s “All Gone To Sea” differ from Holy Ship and Groove Cruise, etc?

Our cruise is 4 days and the tropical island visit is a walk on walk off scenario as opposed to lengthy transfer by boat so we have more party time when we get there. I think All Gone is more of an international affair and musically more diverse; I think we will attract a bit of an older crowd. It’s not a rave. It’s a holiday/adventure with 50 amazing Djs and some of the best club hosts from the US / Europe & Brazil.

What do you think about the ‘cult mentality’ that is Holy Ship?

I admire it. I think the Holy Ship  experience over the last three years has developed a very strong brand identity. I like Gary Richard’s passion and it’s certainly something we would aspire to mirror albeit in a different style.

What are the challenges and opportunities that only exist during a cruise ship set?

 I think it’s a great place to meet new people and make new friends and connections. It’s a great opportunity to switch off for a few days and get your head out of the phone! I would hope that fans of Calvin or Steve Angello can get turned onto  some of the new and more underground names we have playing and I would also hope that fans of the underground Djs might appreciate acts like Above & Beyond playing in a beautiful Anjuna Deep style on the Mambo terrace at Sunset.

It’s a four day trip and you can’t get off and there is no internet connection. That will be a challenge for me for starters!… but it’s healthy!!

All Gone To Sea has a lot to offer besides just sets from world class DJs, such as daily interviews, workshops, and technology classes.  Can you explain a little bit about what these workshops and classes will entail?

We are planning to give people a chance to learn from the pros. From Dj skills to music making. Hopefully inspiring some people to get in the game and start creating. The workshops we do at the IMS when we show how a tune was made and remixed have proved very popular so we are working on something similar.

What is your goal for “All Gone To Sea”, what kind of overall experience are you trying to create for voyagers?

A special memory for life. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself and do something completely different. Get out of the comfort zone. These are the experiences that create those special memories. I want people to be blown away by how much musical variety will be on offer and how intimate the experience will be. That’s the biggest difference from your average festival. I think you will feel much more connected on the ship…. I don’t want a rave, I want pleasure. I want it to be a cool adventure for people where they discover something new. We are going “way out” as David Lynch would say .

We’ve heard many speculations, but where did the phrase “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” actually originate?

It was fist used in a fanzine called Boys Own back in the day. I’m sure at the time they were trying to wind me up but the phrase stuck and ended up in the official rhyming slang dictionary!!


Heading out to sea this fall? Be sure to check out Doorly‘s 10 tips of survival to make the most out of your experience on All Gone to Sea.



Doorly’s Ten Cruise Guidelines

1. Don’t Peak too early! It’s a Marathon not a sprint, the Booze will be flowing but take it easy because authorities are yet to determine what the best cause of action is for a Drunken Sailor!
2. Spot the DJ’s! We’re all onboard somewhere so why not challenge your friends to a game of spot the DJ and try to collect the full set. Catch Jackmaster sculpting his famous “Gun Show” in the Gym, or why not join MK for some Bird Spotting on the bow of the ship.
3. Know your Titanic Quotes: What better opportunity to relive that classic move by using various phrases from it during your cruise. Find romance at the front of the ship and be “The King of The world” and perhaps paint a naked portrait of your cabin buddy. Also Know your icebergs and in the unlikely event that you spot one in the Caribbean, assume the brace position.
4. Make new friends. You’re going to be on a ship for 4 days with 3000 very like minded people, make sure you go and get to know them! You are about to make some excellent new party friends for life from all over the world!
5. Get to know the ship, there’s 14 decks and it’s an absolute Maze with more restaurants and activities than you’ll be able to squeeze into 4 days but you can give it a bloody good try!
6. Drink Lots of Water and bring hangover remedies with you, you don’t want to miss a second of this struggling after a big night.
7. Make sure you get out of bed and off the boat on excursion day, we are visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world and the beach party day may well be the best day of your life! The key is having a siesta in the afternoon to catch up on sleep and ready yourself for round 2 at night.
8. Be creative with your onboard wardrobe, you’re on a cruise ship full of fun people so anything goes!
9. Leave the internet at home! By all means take loads of pics but don’t waste time on the internet, the connection is slow and i can guarantee you that you’re not missing out on what ANYONE else is up to on Facebook, you are having a better time!  Let’s go back to that pre 90’s internet freedom and you can make everyone jealous when we dock and you dump your whole weekend’s payload onto instagram.
10. Leave the expensive sunglasses at home and bring a few pairs of cheap ones, you are going to lose some along the way – I can guarantee you that and you don’t want to be left short. Also Aftersun is vital because you are gonna burn!