With an arsenal of original music to showcase, Philip “Philty” Daleweij is a San Francisco, California based producer who originates from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Philty embraces contemporary electronic production while featuring diverse instrumental elements to create a unique blend of electro sounds. Influences are drawn from artists like Hardwell, Steve Angello and Tiësto.

In the fall of 2011, Philty released a set of live mixes that immediately brought to public attention his creative song selection and high-energy performances. He quickly followed with a series of well-reviewed shows throughout California, sharing the stage with artist like Those Usual Suspects, Mightyfools, Hook N Sling and Sick Individuals.

Since then, he has been furtively writing and producing new material which draws comparison from some of the biggest electronic dance music hits out there. He also debuted much of his new material in the summer of 2013 on SoundCloud, which was hailed by music blogs as “forward-thinking”, “evocative,” and “downright dirty”. With much anticipation, he also went on to release recordings from some of his highly successful live shows.

Currently, Philty is refining that new material and is well on his way to release a number of tracks on Beatport as well as continue playing shows around the United States. Another 4-track EP is planned for the spring of 2014 along with two more planned releases on FSM Recordings in the summer of 2014.

Can You tell us a bit about yourself and your history in the music industry?

Hey, I am Philty, a 25-year old producer from San Francisco, CA. I grew up in The Netherlands and just like everyone who is from there, I got exposed to dance music at a very early age. I first started using music production software at the age of 14 and made mix compilations for my friends. After I moved to the United States I became a lot more serious about my production, which has really been paying off the last few months.

Who is your favorite artist outside your own specific genre?

I actually love a lot of popunk and rock, so I would have to go with The Summer Set.

Describe the wildest party from the last two months.

Pretty much every party I play gets really wild and often the details are very hard to remember. It always ends in everyone just getting wasted and having a good time.  If at least half the crowd is not blackout drunk at the end of the night, I feel like I did a bad job.

Tell our readers about your music and where your inspiration comes from.

I make a crossover of big melodic progressive house and Melbourne house. I do like almost every genre, but I just like making music you can party to. A lot of my inspiration does not come from other artists, but rather shows and festivals I have attended myself.

You recently released Fathom, Smash & Reload on FSM Recordings. Can you share a little about the releases with us?

I made those tracks almost a year ago. It started with when I first released Smash. One of their reps contacted my through twitter and I told them I had a bunch of finished in released tracks. I send them all 3 and they signed them the same day. I was super happy to them finally being released on beatport this summer.

We were very excited to hear you did a production with Andrea Godin. Can us you tell us about the track and what your plans for its release are?

I made this instrument a few months ago and I really wanted to have some vocals for it. My manager at the time introduced me to Andrea, she send me the vocals over and a few weeks later the track was finishing. It is currently being listened to by a few labels, but a preview should be up shortly.

Can we look forward to any other releases this summer?

Nothing I can officially talk about, but there are a few really big releases coming up this summer. I will also be releasing a few tracks for free this summer, so stay tuned for that.

Share one track with us which you currently play and describe with detail why it is such a great production.

I always play Are You Gonna Go My Way (feat. Lenny Kravitz) by Merk & Kremont in my sets. It is just a perfect combination of raw rock vocals and a very bouncy drop that just works so well at festivals.

What is your favorite DAW to make tracks with and what makes it so great compared to other programs?

I prefer Ableton mainly for its workflow. It is very easy to get things going in Ableton. I never think one DAW is better than the other, it is all about personal preference and whatever works for you.

Is there any plugins you prefer over the rest?

I have always been a huge fan of Sylenth, but I have been using Spire more and more these days. The quality of sounds you get out of Spire is just amazing, there is nothing else like it. Another thing I use that might be a little less typical is the PSP Vintage Warmer, I normally put this on my Lead groups to clean up the sound,

What was the highlight of 2013 for you?

Being out at Amsterdam Dance Event was definitely a highlight. Also being a panelist at this years Winter Music Conference in Miami was a lot of fun. It was really cool that people were interested in my views on certain topics in the music industry.

For people who are trying to follow in your footsteps is there any advice you would like to give them?

Just make good music. There is no secret, but there are so many labels out there, that are looking for great music. If you put all your effort in that, the rest will follow without a doubt.

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