Music promotion is becoming an increasing problem for upcoming artists; there’s little to no breathing space in regards to the attention span of most internet users. The latest hot product can quickly become yesterday’s news, and many won’t even get to enjoy any fleeting sense of appreciation or acknowledgement. So, one of the co-founders of the dating app Tinder (partnered with the former VP for design), has used the iconic swiping gimmick and applied it to the discovery of under-the-radar musicians.

In the spirit of Vine, musicians are encouraged to upload short videos that give an idea of what their music is like, and the app users can decide whether or not to take it further i.e by browsing their social media outlets.

However, according to TNW, the videos are too amateur and mainly covers; nothing that would satisfy your need of discovering your next favourite band. Plus, as is with Vine, there are plenty of young teenagers strumming away with guitars in dimly-lit bedrooms. In regards to discovering new music, perhaps it would be better to just stick with the tools you already have.

Which is where Next will face its biggest problem. It may see itself as a neutral party, but it is highly unlikely it will ever stand its own against the likes of Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. The glitches, and high influx of amateur users means that Next may not be entirely useful for you to find new music to obsess over. However, this is unfair, for it’s still early days for the app. If you’re an aspiring producer or DJ, perhaps now is the time to make an indelible mark on what could be the next big thing.

Download Next here, from iTunes:

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