Bravely facing the unforgiving world of Trance is none other than the power packed talents of Will Rees, whose upcoming reign is smashing down on Trance fans everywhere by consistently raising the bar with each and every release. We first caught Will during his Progressive Tech days where his remixes to Matthew Nagle‘s Ekos and Full Tilt‘s Illuzionize demolished floors with high-end techy prowess and an affinity towards edgy, precision based production. However, many know Rees as one half of the domineering Sam Jones & Will Rees duo, whose stellar productions have been wrecking absolute havoc upon the Trance scene through the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. While their first releases of Lawless and Full Stop achieved good success, their follow up remixes to Bowdidge & Taylor‘s Flashback and Bryan Kearney‘s Stealth Bomber became cult classics overnight among the Trance community and their last single of Fire Drill still has fans abuzz on its colossal success. Recently, it seem that the two are confident enough to venture out on their own solo careers and have gained the clout and respect needed to survive in this industry. Jones has been busy with remixes to Mark Sherry, 3DW and MaddersFeels So Right and another Psy flavored single on KEARNAGE Recordings entitled Buckle Up. But now, it’s Rees‘ turn to shine with his brand new Uplifting single entitled Withhold, which is quickly shaping up to be a contender for 2014’s Trance track of the year.

Debuted during Bryan Kearney‘s set at the ASOT 650 celebrations, this mountainous single contains everything you need for a high adrenaline, high octane journey of the senses. Kearney himself even noted that this track is one of his favorite tracks of the year and we here at Your EDM can clearly see why. Each and every instrument is tuned and refined to perfection and the stunningly crisp production layout is some of the cleanest and organized works that we’ve heard in a long time. Upon the first few bars, one can instantly tell its immense sound design and rich, colorful flavors of various sounds and textures. Packed to the brim with raw, volitile power and ample amounts of brute strength, the opening pins you to the floor underneath its astonishing aesthetic weight as the collection of Techno hi-hats, spiraling acid lines and savage basslines continue to pummel every inch of your body with begrudging malice. Even in the breakdown, one can feel the energy of the searing melodic lines that erupt into white hot flames when they finally come to realization. Keeping up with the KEARNAGE tradition of revitalizing ageless Trance melodies of old into a new golden age of Trance, Rees‘ takes the magic from a classic Sean Tyas or John Askew track and intensifies it tenfold towards a hulking figure of musical fortitude. This particular melody has anthem status written all over it and Rees‘ immense technical skill adds even more layers of depth and atmosphere towards its fiery, courageous character.


Will Rees‘ stunning new single, Withhold, is out now on KEARNAGE Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also remember to check out the massive Jase Thirlwall remix for a drop that promises to flatten your brain!


Keep the music alive. -Q