As a lone man who is often regarded as a visionary of electronic arts, there are not enough words to describe the many years of service that Sander van Doorn has accomplished throughout his decorated career. During his tenure, he was known as one of the leading Trance producers in the world and his affinity for incorporating Techno into his sets and his label have earned him the reputation as a king of the genre. In fact, Techno was such an essential aspect of his early career that it even culminated in the signature ‘Doorn sound’, that hasn’t been properly replicated to this day. The reason we are talking about his past is because many of those who are reading this article know him as a Progressive House maestro who has teamed up with Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens and Firebeatz on numerous collaborations, as well as the curator of smash hits such as Neon, Chasin‘ and Nothing Inside. Ever since 2010, Sander has been riding on a huge Prog House kick for his personal style and while successful in achieving a large, festival orientated fanbase, it also scared away most, (if not all), of his older fans who craved for his older sounds again. That’s why we were floored when we heard his new single of Get Enough, which is once again throwing us back into the thorny brambles of driving Techno that only Sander can provide. All over the board, people are cheering for the return of Sander van Doorn to reclaim his rightful throne and overtake the scene with his unique infusion of tribal laden grooves.

Contrary to many beliefs, (and especially to hardcore mainstream audiences), Techno is actually an entire ecosystem of various sounds and genres, and its focus on non-melodic material and rhythmic fortitude further solidifies its status as a pure, underground society of styles. From the hardcore, German, juggernaut style of Len Faki and Chris Liebing to the stripped back minimal sounds of Richie Hawtin and Stefano Noferini, (and everywhere in between), Techno’s rich, vibrant sound society is a self sustaining machine that continues to live after other genres have died. However, Sander van Doorn has dusted off the chunky sounds of yesteryear and has cultivated Get Enough into a storming Techno bomb that perfectly balances dark, thick-cut rhythms with Big Room sensibilities for a track that is both tailored for the mainstage and is also in tune with the strict tastes of the underground. With the soon-to-be-iconic vocals of ‘Just won’t Get Enough‘ constantly repeating in poetic meter, the track’s luscious combination of various tribal percussions, crisp hi-hats and cascading synth falls all culminate together into a complex, yet simplified apparatus of groove and class. Throughout the track, incredibly unusual and even mortifying sounds can be heard through its sinister squeals of delight as its wicked disposition moves forward towards a massive drop that forces you to move your feet to the hypnotic demon rhythms of clean-cut Techno vibes.

Sander van Doorn‘s Get Enough is out now on Doorn Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q