The king of trash is back. Karluv Klub is here with another EP, Trickz, that the boys over at Kannibalen Records have put out to the world today. Although it’s only two tracks, it’s Karluv. That’s about all you need and I know it’s more than enough for some people to handle. However, we’d always love more, but for now, let’s see just what tricks he has up his sleeve.

First, we have the dark dub treasure “Trickz.” It sounds like it came straight out of hell for all the night owls out there who love nothing more than to get wild and crazy. His signature sound comes on strong, giving the listener a more than just a taste of the dark side. “Countach” is the B-side coming in at 115 bpms. It’s Karluv’s haunting take on the French electro style. It has a distinct sound that the mainstream just can’t handle. It’s musical graffiti. Knowing that the song title is the same as an old Lamborghini model, it comes as no surprise this sounds like the perfect night drive tune. Get Trickz on Beatport if you found these to your liking and don’t be scared to share!

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