When Annie Mac, Blonde, Clean Bandit and Moon Boots support a song, you should probably know that song. Hence, why I am sharing “Thinking About It,” the new single from the duo Just Kiddin. Released through FFRR and Eton Messy Records, the original has quite the backing of artists and companies alike. Once you hear the deep vibes you will see why it has received the praise it has so far. It is one of those feel good tracks that you get into a rhythm of listening to on a regular basis. With artwork that cool, they had to make the song even better than that and they did. I’ve been hogging this one over the weekend, but I had to share before the week starts. Everyone needs a remedy for the work week and this will be it for you. Throw some support Just Kiddin’s way by heading over to Beatport and making a purchase of “Thinking About It.”

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