After a successful first month of the contest, I want to reach out to everyone that made this contest tick. Here goes a big thank you to everyone that voted, without you it would be just my vote, and submitted, if you haven’t been contacted yet, your track was heard and there is a good chance you could get an email in the near future. I also want to thank everyone that competed for Fresh Face Friday and congratulate my boy Inviction on the Monthly win; we’ll be seeing you in just a few months time for the Quarterly phase.

Now here to kick things off in the first week of August, have a listen to this week’s talent.

Dalva – Rage All Night

My boy Danny that resides in Baltimore used to solely attend and host house parties before hearing, “Let The Bass Kick” by Chuckie. After hearing this song he decided that he had to take his music to another level and show the world his true passion. After just one year of producing he has attained attention from various names in the scene.

Dalva on Facebook & Twitter

Audio Rock – Mamba

With a new take on Big Room, how I see it, Audio Rock comprised of Taylor and Marc have a passion for House music that can be traced back to the start of Audio Rock in 2010. Since their debut as a duo the two have come a long way from just being passionate towards the scene. These fellas have successfully released songs through Beatport and continue to gain momentum and support all around the EDM scene.

Audio Rock on Facebook & Twitter

Pharodae – Icicle Groove

Pharodae on Facebook

AJ of Ohio started his music pursuit as a bassist in High School where he quickly fell in love with music. Dating back seven years ago his love was transformed into a passion for EDM music when he was introduced to Happy Hardcore. With his passion in mind the debut of Pharodae made an appearance after obtaining his first DAW some years ago.

Now that you’ve had the chance to hear the three featured tracks, vote for your favorite below!

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-Chris W-