If you like having your face blown off completely by bass while your whole body deteriorates into dust, then the Atomic Remixes EP is just for you. The original was one of my favorite singles of last year, so when I heard that LeKtriQue was doing a VIP (which you can get for free) and two other remixes were being done, I was more giddy than a hipster at Coachella. After hearing it, along with the edits from Aero Chord and Teddy Killerz, it was a wrap. These acts brought their A game and it shows big time.

LeKtriQue‘s VIP hits first and the energy doesn’t stop at all until the project is done. The single makes you want to break something in the best way possible; the driving basses are even more intense than previously and you get your fair share of vocal samples strewn about the arrangement (Wilhelm scream anyone?). Aero Chord drops a heavy trap edit upon your head that uses the stems to a tee to deliver a dirty banger. Teddy Killerz went drum & bass on “Atomic,” resulting in a vicious breakbeat masterpiece. Head over to Beatport to throw some support these guys way and snag these three top-shelf remixes.

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Free Download of LeKtriQue VIP