Martin Vogt, otherwise known as Haywyre, could very well be a driving force in how the EDM scene is moving in the future. His debut album Two Fold has received praise from producers across the spectrum and industry. His Michael Jackson cover of ‘Smooth Criminal’ has been shared over thirty thousand times on Facebook and has increased his visibility and credibility by an enormous margin.

Today is something else entirely. Haywyre’s newest track, ‘Everchanging’, dropped on Monstercat yesterday. To say that it’s one of the greatest glitch hop tracks I’ve ever heard would not be a stretch at all. Martin has demonstrated time and again his ability to use melody and sound design to create something more than just a build and drop, a complete composition.

Martin Vogt has been studying piano since the age of six, and so he knows the value of a musical education. That is why he and Monstercat are donating all revenue generated from ‘Everchanging’ to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

Haywyre and VH1 Save the Music

If we want EDM and music in general to continue to improve, to strive for innovation, it’s going to require education and creativity from the youngest age. Please support Monstercat, Haywyre, and VH1 in their goal to achieve musical literacy across the nation, and keep music in our schools. As a show of utter faith, the track has been released as a ‘Pay What You Want’ on Bandcamp. Please give whatever you think is appropriate and support musical charities. Download and Donate HERE.